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Our Clients


    "I’d call it a masterpiece" - Lefuturewave


    “Melancholy” lures our attention with stunning, somber piano chords played immaculately.” - AU Review


    "...an impressively wide expanse of '80s and '90s pop and alt-R&B inspirations though, packaged up in really sleek production calling to mind the likes of SZA" - Cool Accidents

  • DOKO

    "“From the classic aspect ratio to the perfect lighting, Doko have absolutely nailed the vibe of the era. - Music Feeds


    “‘Catch Up’ is a indie folk-pop moment that embodies this euphoric release of smooth harmonies and country-folk influenced melodies that deserve to be unravelled in a music festival setting.” - Thomas Bleach

  • JOFI

    "All My Friends Have Boyfriends summaries the beauty amongst Jofi's work thus far, and the qualities that make her music really shine amongst the saturated local pop scene; her vocal dynamicism similar to someone like FKA Twigs or Kate Bush as it navigates a relatively stripped-back production." - Pilerats


    "It’s heavily led by airy synths, building ever so delicately with a bassline and even more synths, into a proper electro-bop." - Project U

  • Lupa J

    "Lupa J is eloquent and fierce, vulnerable and strong, personal and relatable–and the way she has balanced all of those elements together deserves to be heard far and wide." - Ticketmaster

  • No Frills Twins

    "With 80’s nostalgic synths and gritty guitar riffs leading the sonical foundations of this song, it reminds me of an early Marina And The Diamonds song that meets HAIM during the chorus for some big anthemic harmonies." - Thomas Bleach


    "NUSSY channels her impeccable knack for pop-focused vocal stylings and infectious lyrics into an all-out dazzling affair." - Purple Sneakers

  • Oh Wonder (U.K)

    "‘No One Else Can Wear Your Crown’ is a confident collection of tracks that hears the British duo diving into a bolder pop palette that pushes the boundaries of what people expect from them while also managing to hold onto their key foundations." - Thomas Bleach


    "...a beautiful and essential way to take stock, clear the head and feel hope again" - Women In Pop

  • Phondupe

    "... a super synthy, super textured, hazy kind of dance track that’s packed full of supernatural sounding instrumentals." - MusicFeeds


    "Tender heart and raw honesty from you lovely lady. An out pour of emotion with soaring guitars to back it." - triple j Unearthed

  • Sam Phay

    "It's introspective and dark at times, flirting with the production style of say James Blake, but utilises his smoky R&B vocals to give the songs a contemporary edge." - Cool Accidents


    "Her newly released and unforgettably emotive, orchestral ode to that delightful, light-headed summer feeling – Summer Love is every inch exquisite." - Broader Lines


    "Zelie is packing some significant artillery on this one!" - triple j Unearthed