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Before you jump on tinder and update your profile pic or start to hide this browser from your partner, this blog is about stripping back the layers of dating and applying it to growing our online audience and keeping them engaged... and let's be honest, purchasing!

Let's think about what dating is

When we date someone, we get to know them. We're on a mission to find out more about their life, how many siblings they have, what their hobbies are and anything that helps us establish some sort of familiar ground to build a relationship.

I would argue - from my observation-based research - that 90% of businesses have an online presence and only 40% of those businesses are using it effectively.

Just like in the dating game, our business needs to be desirable. From the moment our business is discovered (as part of the awareness phase) we need our audience to be willing to commit to third base.

Let’s break this down.

First base - the first sight: Someone has found our business online and they’ve made the first move by hitting follow or liking our post. Sure, it could be a bot, but let’s assume it’s not.

Second base - the first move: We reach out and thank them for following our page or liking our post. We aren’t playing any 90/10 rules here where we wait for them to go in 90% and we meet them 10% to seal the deal… we've gotta’ go all in on this one.

Third base - commitment: They’re feeling comfortable, lines of communication have eased and they’re ready to make the purchase. 

When we're real-life dating, we don’t walk into a bar and leave straight away because we haven’t had our Cinderella or Brad Pit moment where jaws are crashing to the floor as we enter the room. We walk around looking good, make eye contact with a few people, throw a few flirty smiles around and assess the talent before we leave. Likewise, if we're using an online dating app, we make a couple of matches, throw a few lines out and wait to see who catches the bait.

Audience acquisition and retention is no different, and consistency is key.

Step 1: Establish your band and your mission statement

Step 2: Communicate that statement - start posting to get our message out there! This is the marketing equivalent of choosing our outfit for a night out or our profile pic on a dating app. We need to show people the best parts of our business and reel them in!

Step 3: Get to know our audience, use call-to-actions to entice interaction and hold onto that engagement like a lifeline.

Step 4: Close the deal by being authentic and give our audience enough information to keep them coming back to our page, but not enough that puts us out of a job.

Connection is everything. Whether you are an artist, an accountant, a lawyer, a personal trainer, the cafe down the road or Woolworths… we need to develop a connection with our audience that flourishes into interactive relationships and sales conversions.

If you need more help, reach out! I’m here to chat and help you. It's not as daunting as it all seems :). 

…See what I did there? I gave you some tips, but you still need me on your team to take things to fourth base ;)