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Digital Health Check


How many times have you applied for a new job and put your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles on private during the interview process juuuuuust incase the photo of you at your 16th birthday party appears? Building your career in music is no different.

It's a little bit scary to think about, but we all have a digital footprint. An artist wants their best songs heard, their best photos seen, the funniest Tweets appreciated and the most engaged with posts making them look like the superstar that they are. Come to Dr. Liz and Dr. Tam and let us check your digital health, wave our magic wands and get your digital standings in order.

This service includes:

  • Consultation call to discuss objectives and current strategies 
  • Comprehensive overview of current social media standings
  • Recommendations to enhance online presence
  • Overview of existing engagement and recommendations for effective engagement strategy
  • Basic content calendar

Please get in touch before purchasing should you have any questions at all hello@heycharliepr.com

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